Viagem a Portugal

It was during the year of 1980 that the Nobel awarded writer José Saramago became "viajante" -making a journey throughout inland Portugal. While travelling the country he presented us a written record of his tales and memories in a text that mirrors his unique vision of the heterogeneous and idiosyncratic natures existing in the various regions along the Portuguese territory. His writing mastery blends tenderness, irony and intelligence. Using these qualities he not only wrote about monumental palaces and squares, but as well about the little alleys, crops and the anonymous faces that inhabit them.

In 2020, having as main purpose the creation of a renewed portrait, the new "viajante" embraced the challenging task at hand with a different kind of locomotion. In order to cover the regional diversity and richness that the country possesses a new powerful and effective tool was required, and it was not previously available to Saramago: the Instagram algorithm.

This project is still under development.